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Searching for the local Sheryl Crow

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Do you know the Kid Rock recording of "Picture," featuring Sheryl Crow as his female duet partner? And better yet, do you know anyone in town that knows the song well enough to set-in with us on stage, to sing her part!?!

In each location where Kid Kentucky and the American Badass Band performs, the song "Picture" is one of the biggest hits of the night. It's a hit not only on the Kid Rock charts, but also a crowd favorite, because we always invite someone from the crowd to come up to duet with Kid Kentucky for the song! All levels of talent welcomed as this is just a fun spot in the show where we get to know one of the audience members, and invite them on stage with us to perform!

It's awesome for us in the band to invite someone up, the crowd loves it as much as we do, and we hope our local Sheryl Crow singer walks away having had a great time as well!

Ladies, would you like to set-in during the #KidKentucky show!?

Because the set-in is intended as more of a fun interaction with the local fans, opposed to professionals only, or amateurs only that qualify, all levels of performance ability are welcomed to submit.

Here's how:

Step 1 - Video yourself singing, “Picture.”

Step 2 - Post your video on your Social pages that you are submitting to sing the duet for Picture, including submission for which date and which venue.

Step 3 - Tag @kidkentuckykidrocktribute in your post so the band sees the submission.

Step 4 - Be present at the show to see if we call your name from the stage, to join in the Kid Kentucky duet for the Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow classic, “Picture.”

Step 5 - Bring your friends to see the show!

No go for coming up to sing, then maybe you'd rather dance around on stage in your favorite Cowgirl outfit and join us on stage for "Cowboy," "Greatest Show On Earth," "So Hott," maybe "Bawitdaba," others!?!? If not a singer, dancers are also welcomed to submit to join on stage too. Same process as above.

All participants must be at least 25 years of age to submit.

C'mon out ladies!!

Sign-in to see the comments below, and click to see some of the fun that's been had on stage with Kid Kentucky!

And check out the real thing too!

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brian bayley
brian bayley
Oct 10, 2021

Nikki Dermott bringin' out the local Sheryl Crow in Florida, at Cotee River Bikefest 2021:


Kelly Lay Killin it!


Meg Divine joins in the fun!


09/26/20 with Kelly Storc! Great job! : )


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