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Beach Bum Billionaire - Download


Beach Bum Billionaire - By Kid Kentucky

New, original music, from Kid Kentucky, "Beach Bum Billionaire," for your own fun in the sun and musical escape to the lap of luxury on the high seas! It's our own pimp daddy, Kid Rock style, rockin rap release to keep summer kickin all year 'round. Hat's off to Kid Rock for the inspiration and all the beautiful bikini-laden lasses to fill the boat! Set sail and sing along...In the Sunshine, on the Beach Bum Billionaire!


Parental Advisory: explicit lyrics.



“Beach Bum Billionaire”

Written and Produced by Brian Bayley

© Copyright 2020, Middle C Stuff (ASCAP).

Arrangement recorded with Bruce Lawrence.

Don Suiters vocals recorded with Brion Gamboa at Sound Mission Studios.

Guitar and Bass by Bruce Lawrence.

Female vocals by Kelly Storc and Vanessa Sylvester.

Pro Tools editing by Brian Bayley.

Beach Bum Billionaire - Download