Kid Kentucky Stage Plot

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Plot Plan / Inputs


Monitor Levels Quick Start


Kid Kentucky Rider

* Presenter-Provided, Professional-Grade Staging, PA, Mics, Monitors, Stage Lighting and Technicians Required. 

Minimum, 24' wide x 16' deep, elevated stage, with additional drum riser, requested.

Band PM can assist if required. Please don't hesitate to ask. 

* 60 Minute Load In

* 30 Minute Soundcheck

* 30 Minute Dark Before Doors

* Stage Waters

* If Backline, change out to Kid K kick-drum front head (22")

* House Drum Riser

   8' wide X 8' deep X 16" height 

* Clean Dressing Room

* Load-In Waters

* 2x Bar stools On Stage

* Wireless Hand-Held Vocal

* Guest Hand-Held Vocal

* Fly 12' w X 10' Height                 Upstage Backdrop

* Can local crew make sure to have a guest vocal mic/barstool on stage. We will have a guest set-in for the song, “Picture,” midway through the set. We call her up from the crowd; should any passes, credentials or escorts be needed for stage access, please advise.

* For Local Audio Mixer/Lighting Director Familiarity with Set List: 

Full set = "Greatest Show on Earth" thru "Bawitdaba" at

* For Fly Dates : Presenter-provided Backline Delivered to stage at or before Load In:  


​ Pearl or DW Maple Shell Professional Series DRUMS:

* 22" Kick w Legs.

* 14" Snare.

* 12" and 14" mounted Tom with Mounts.

* 18" Floor Tom w Legs. (16”/18” Double Floor Tom welcomed)

* New EVANS drum heads / batter and resonance



Zildjian or Sabian or Paiste – professional series cymbals:

* 14" HH stage left.

* 15˝ and 18˝ Crash stage left.

* 17˝ and 19˝ Crash stage right.

* 20" Ride stage right.




* DW 5000 Chain Drive, Double Drum Pedal.

* DW 5000 Chain Drive, HH Stand / Pedal.

* Pearl or DW Double-braced Snare Stand.

* Pearl or DW Double-braced Single or Double Tom Stand.

* 1x Pearl or DW Double-braced Boom Ride Cym Stand.

* 4x Pearl or DW Double-braced Boom Crash Cym Stands.

* Double-braced Adjustable Throne.

* 8’ x 8’ x 16” Drum Riser

* Black Drum Carpet

* Pro Mark 5B drum sticks



Gtr Amps:
* 2 x 12 o Combo Marshall/Fender/Mesa Boogie/Vox AC30CH equivalent or better. NO Peavey.


Bass Amps:
* Ampeg SVT CL 300 watt head / SVT610HLF cab at 4 Ohms equivalent or better. NO Peavey.



* Yamaha MX88 w pedal/cables

* Keyboard Stand

* Can Venue/Promoter buyer, marketing and production staff coordinate to please submit requested advance information please: 

* Kid Kentucky act typically travels with anywhere from 2 to 10 (crew/guest/VIPs) in tow.

Band Laminates available for entry if need be. 

* Can Venue/Promoter buyer please confirm review of this page above and let us know of any potential issues, or if confirmed. Please email for requested contact.


Kid Kentucky GIG Details           QUICK VIEW

Image by Garin Chadwick




Venue Main




7:30 PM


(470) 242-5067


10:00 PM


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