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Kid Kentucky gig advance    Input Sheet

Venue Access

KK Load-In


Kid Kentucky as:


KK Showtime

Stage Dimensions: 

Wide,  X 

Deep,  X 


Upload Stage Pic 1
Upload Stage Pic 2
Upload Stage Pic 3

House Drum Riser?

Wide,  X 

Deep, X 

High *

(16" Requested)

Monitor World Location

House Able to Hang 12' Wide Upstage Backdrop?


House  *Wireless*  Hand-Held Mic Available for Lead Vocal? 

Local/House Crew Available:

Local/House Backline Available for Use?

If Backline; Can we change out Kick Drum front head (22")


Venue Arrival

If Flights, Local Ground Transport Provided?

Load-In Waters?

Stage Waters?


Dressing Room?


Parking Passes Req'd?


Venue Food Specials?

Venue Drink Specials?

Upload Dressing Rm. Pic

Overnight Stay?

Quantity of Rooms Reserved:

Spotify Setlist Received?

Spotify Set Change Received?


Upload Set List
Upload Gig Flyer

Your content has been submitted. Please allow plenty of time for larger jpg files to upload to server. 

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For further Kid Kentucky Advance discussion, and/or to add this production module into your own website, please contact Brian Bayley at info@NashvilleWebDesign.BIZ

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