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When Live Music Venues Reopen

2-Part question for You:

This COVID19 break has been a tough one, huh!! I suspect like most, you are ready to get back to some form of normalcy just as we are. Every time we are on the phone with each other we are all churning to getting back to playing music, getting back to playing shows and traveling around to meet all the amazing audiences out there.

And while the precautions still remain in effect to keep us all safe, there is talk of bans lifting and slowly reopening the country for us all to get back to work. And just from an entertainer side of the scope, just curious about the audiences – will you be back out in force getting back to the venues to see shows, or will you continue the caution and hang back to see what happens at shows then maybe dip your toe in the water again slowly?

Always curious to see what people will think and do, and we welcome your thoughts!?

The second query is that IF you are getting back, churning for some away-from-home time, socializing again and kicking the party back in to full gear; then where??

Know any good music venues in your area, where a Kid Rock tribute show would be a good place to play, #kidkentucky style!!?

It would be great to hear of any local music venues where you like to see shows and if you know anyone we can contact, so that we can all get it back into gear!?!

Your comments welcomed below!!

Be well out there!

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1 Comment

Kid Kentucky News
Kid Kentucky News
May 02, 2020

I gotta get out!!! - Brian

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