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Thank you, Songbirds, for 1000 days!

Small businesses are closing by the truckloads and none of the carnage is being reported in the media. Specific to entertainment – the entire industry has been shut down – from the biggest names in music, touring and live events, to the smallest no-names that scrape and struggle to make every dime in the tip jar stretch as far as it possibly can. None of the entertainment that one enjoys is free to produce, nor distribute, but some in the mass public continually think entertainment should be free to them; expensive as hell for us to produce, but free to consume. And everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course.

But in the wake of a global economic shut down, mandates of masks (yet none to protect anyone from door handles, credit card machine buttons and gas pumps), and a complete shutdown of entertainment, church and restaurants while gathering for political funeral services, riots and looting is fully approved, organized and well-funded, so many of our friends and colleagues are suffering this media attack of a new bug with less than .05 percent of a death rate, that has wiped out an entire industry of gathering for fun and entertainment.

Below is a note from another unreported statistic, to whom we would like to simply say "thank you." Thank you for providing entertainment, thank you for providing stress relief, thank you for providing economy, thank you for providing memories and laughs, and thank you for including us in your roster of entertainment. Our night in Chattanooga is one we talk about often and was such a great gig to play. Songbirds was a top notch venue, crew, and destination. We had an amazing night and thrilled to be included in your list of esteemed guests, to pass across your stage(s). It was a true disappointment when we learned of the Songbirds closing – JUST as we were trying to reach back out for a new booking, as I’m sure all of the acts in your 1000 days would have been trying too. And unfortunately for us all: the museum, the venue, the performers and the audiences, we all just lost out on another great venue closing their doors, and pandemically wiped out by the economics of entertainment and small business.

Songbirds, you will be missed. Hopefully we will see an even bigger and better reincarnation once the world resets back to when entertainment was good and riots were bad. And we hope to work together again, when that happens! Thanks for having us and best wishes post-closing!

Horrible news, but thanks for including us in your good-bye! As follows:

"Hi all,

As you may have heard Songbirds in Chattanooga is closing. During the pandemic we made a poster celebrating Songbirds first 1000 days which names every headliner we have had during that time. Little did we know that the first 1000 days would also be the last. We wanted to reach out to the local and regional acts and give you a copy to do with what you want. Headlining acts are listed only once in chronological order. Also included are headliners of private parties and radio showcases. Artists listed in red performed a Sold-Out show.


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