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Praises to Terra Pierce and Friends

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

What a class act operation and example for us all to follow!

In the life of a musician, there are so many obstacles in the way of success and fulfillment. Just ask anyone in the normal world, and they will likely tell you what a bad choice it is, how the odds are against you, you’ll never make it, and how you should go get a real job instead. Then enter the actual world of the entertainment business, and the depth of the sharks, the crooks, the liars and thieves swelling around in the pits of their own failures and ineptness, trying to take advantage of those with dreams in their souls and music in their hearts, is an even deeper well of despair that make that decision and commitment to your art, even tougher.

However, this is not one of those cases!!

The other side of the coin as a musician, is an unexplainable craving to produce, create, and in this case recreate, something so special, that those in the normal world could never understand. And those of us that do so, could never really explain to it’s fullest. But playing music, providing entertainment for others and all the other unexplainable words to define the fulfillment of a great performance do make it all worth while, and every once in a while, a very special moment, occasion, and gathering of the right folks for the right reasons, blow right on past the previous conditions mentioned, and exalt every single reason why you started music in the first place.

And THIS is one of those occasions.

As the drummer in the American Badass Band, I would have never guessed what a special gig this would be. When Don (a.k.a. Kid Kentucky) first started telling me about the Kid Rock fans, how great they are and how dedicated they are to this music, I had a very hard time believing that passion and that excitement could really exist (see paragraph 1 with a lifetime history of continual barragement against being a musician).

But in one of my most successful attempts in music, by far a big surprise for me that I would end up in a Kid Rock band, working in this band has provided so much of that fulfillment listed above and it just keeps getting better. Thank you Don, for having me in the band!! (one of these similar blog posts to come in the future as well!)

And when it really clicks, those sharks go away, those thieves and those con-men are replaced by a true compassion and love of the music and the will to succeed overrulling all of the ugliness that has often times prevailed. This is one of those special occasions, and special people that come along to make it worth while.

We just played an amazing show in Billings, Montana. Kid Kentucky and the American Badass Band were approached for this show, and all-in from the first “hello.” We then feared on the business side, that the travel and expenses alone would probably cancel us out of this opportunity. We could not have been more wrong. Not only was this very special lady a huge Kid Rock fan that was going to have a Kid Rock show come hell or high water, she was one of the most professional, hardest working, accommodating, class acts that we could have been blessed to work with. We were provided with Matt and Brook (production), Earnie C, dancers, Amy, a great crew, and great surrounding of others around us the entire time, from the airport pickup to airport drop off.

Folks, one of her first statements (and I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing this because I consider it a statement of humility and wisdom over any inferiority whatsoever) was, “I don’t really know what I’m doing trying to put together this show.” And let me tell you, after decades in this industry, having worked with the most talented touring professionals, industry moguls and the most successful entertainers in the world, she knew just as much and more, and put to shame so many others that have come and gone before her.

Terra Pierce may voice that she may not know what she is doing, but if so, her instinct for hard work, details, compassion, understanding, caring and commitment are second to no one in this industry. She is a pro from the word “go!”: Communication, Information, Preparation, Promotion, Accommodation, Courtesy, Intelligence, Strategy, Common Sense, Pre-Planning and Working Ahead. Others that we have worked with in the past, in it way longer, or praising that they do it way better, could take a page from her book for sure!

Another thing that others outside of this world never realize is the expense and the resources required of show business. So many often treat music and show biz as “it’s just music,” “they are having fun,” “no need to pay,” “someone else out there will do it cheaper” and that the entire production just magically puts itself together. TV and Movies make it look like “poof” all the work is done, and that it all happens with the swoosh of the wand and the show biz fairy makes it all rose pedals and puppy dogs.

Poor Terra had to put up with city officials, politicians, needless community hassles and a long list of people trying to stomp on her success. And she paid a butt load to make it all happen: time, money AND people. Not only overcoming all the obstacles placed in her way, but she persevered, providing a great return and huge benefit for all of those against her.

And THEN after all the incredible effort and hospitality, she tells us, “we didn’t charge enough!”

And THAT my friends, is one of those unexplainable, special moments, when someone appreciates not only after the hard work they have endured, but still enough compassion and grace left over to appreciate the hard work that we do too. That is an unheard of unicorn in this crazy biz. And she is proof that it can happen and it can be a success in that manner: that someone loves the music so much and loves the delivery that we were able to provide, that her dedication and passion easily overcome the attempt to blockade her pursuits and still inspires more to give.

All of this, with not an ounce of ego, never a single attempt at her own praise and look at me, not a single complaint that we didn’t do this or we didn’t do that, not EVER a mention of “can you do it for less,” “can we cut these corners to save money,” “can we lessen what you do so I can do more for me.” And in fact the polar opposite: “what else do you need,” “what else can we do,” “I’ll take care of that,” and as mentioned the big kicker, “That was so amazing - you didn’t charge enough.”

What a blessing to work a special occasion, with special people, playing very special music, to some very special Kid Rock fans!

And then on top of all that, we get this…

Praises to Terra Pierce and Friends!

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