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Kid Kentucky Trivia:

Updated: May 2, 2020

How I met Billy BTK at the Ford Center. Thought I was Bob ( Kid Rock ) when I was sitting in audience taking pics with fans. He as several, thought I was him - bought me a beer and gave me his card for a photo shoot. I decided to call him two moths later after I decided to start a band to do some shots. He’s been a loyal part of the Southern BadAss family every since

The time I was at the Dukes reunion and Ben Jones thought I was Kid Rock.

He wasn’t too disappointed to find out I wasn’t Bob but invited me to hang out at his place and have me VIP for the 40th Dukes reunion at his place .

Met his wonderful Wife and they thought it was awesome.

I also stared as Bandit

In short film.

Also shot a commercial in Bowling Green, KY.

I judged the battle of the bands for Vette City Music Fest where I met Black Gold. Now they open for me.

Shot a video with Bowling Green duo Rap Rock group, Twang n Round.

Also met many celebrities like Colt Ford, Jesse James Dupree (ran his spot light haha), John Rich, Sara Evans, Wes from Puddle of Mud. Met Kenny Olson at Rock N POD expo.

Met several rock and country artist when I’ve been mistaken as Kid Rock.

Met Gene Simmons at the airport as I was flying to Detroit for a show 2 years ago. That’s a funny story .

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