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Hey, are you Kid Rock!?

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Onstage, yeah, trying to be as much Kid Rock as possible; Offstage, not so much!

But it happens anyway!

So I have only been in the band, coming up on a year. When I first met Don, we were at a dinner together meeting with a common booking agent we had at the time. I was working in another band, and he as Kid Kentucky. I was already in the room when he walked in, and I saw everyone in the restaurant start looking at him, pointing and whispering as he came to the table. Even I was blown away, that it really looked like Kid Rock just walked in. Don sat down next to me at the table and all eyes in the room were on him. It was amazing to see. Even as I sat there talking to him through the evening, I had to remember it was NOT Kid Rock sitting here.

Thereafter, Don and I started working together on audio tracks, building this website and I eventually became the drummer for the American Badass band!! Along the way, we have had a ton of fun, met a ton of great people and continue building this act as the ultimate Kid Rock tribute show touring the country. And while the music is fantastic to play, the stages and venues have been amazing, the shows continue to build, and so much fun to be had...the one constant that remains is the people off in the distance that think Don IS Kid Rock.

Kid Rock on the left. Kid Kentucky on the right

Even yesterday while at lunch, a truck pulls up next to us – “Hey!! Are you Kid Rock!?!?!”

And what’s amazing to see about all of this is, that when Don and I first met, he was telling me stories just like this; of people here and there asking, are you Kid Rock!?! At first I couldn’t believe some of the stories. Don mentioned that he would go to Kid Rock concerts, and people would ask if he was Kid Rock. Don would be hanging out downtown, walking in a bar, and they would escort him to VIP. Working with others in the industry and Don walks in to get something, and they say, “yes, we already have that for you!” thinking they are serving Kid Rock. And the stories go on and on  - and yes, at first I was skeptical that so many would really approach him and think he is Kid Rock.

But WOW was I wrong!  – After 9 months working in this band, touring, and just hanging out – I have to say, it’s amazing to see it in action ALL THE TIME!!

For example, we are sitting in a restaurant while on the road, and you can see it start to happen. The waitress comes by, gives a double take and starts talking; “Are you Kid Rock!?”

Then you see the rest of the waitresses and the staff, in the back room, peering around the corner looking at Don to see what Kid Rock will do!?!

Folks stop him in the parking lot – “Are you Kid Rock!?!” And then Don ironically jumps in his Escalade, carrying his guitar, and tells them no. They are not real convinced!

And that my friends, is where the hilarity then sets in. Person after person after person, asks if he is Kid Rock, and Don obviously says, “no, I’m not Kid Rock.” But then often adds, “…but I get that a lot.” The look on a person’s face is hilarious and we never know what is coming next.

People just look at him in confusement, and you can see it in their faces – “Well, he looks like Kid Rock…Maybe it’s not Kid Rock? Maybe it really is Kid Rock? But he said he isn't Kid Rock, Maybe he’s trying to be incognito? Maybe he’s just flat out lying to me!??  Oh hell yes, that sum’bitch is Kid Rock!!”

I have to tell you, it is one of the most entertaining experiences in this band!!

But what is cool is that Don is not trying to claim to be Kid Rock, nor any of the perks that come his way because others think he is. Don in no way wants to misrepresent the real Kid Rock and is truly Kid Rock’s biggest fan. The dude is paying homage to his hero and doing it in about the best way possible – go out and play his music, and give more Kid Rock to the real Kid Rock fans!

We had a guy stop us in a mall to ask if he was Kid Rock, we have people wanting him to come take pictures with them thinking he is Kid Rock, the press writes stories about a Kid Rock sighting, kids mob around to get autographs, people off in the distance are whispering and pointing, it's awesome to see how excited people can get and how happy they are to 'think' that they are with Kid Rock. (Bob, you have some badass fans!!)

But every time, Don just humbly tries to explain that "no, I am not Kid Rock." People even get bummed and Don claims, “I’m sorry to let you down. I am a tribute to Kid Rock and have a band that plays his music.” But the most entertaining are the ones that get pissed!! They actually think Don is lying to them and refuse to believe he is not Kid Rock! And while the passions of the Kid Rock fans are so amazing to see, it’s also a riot to watch it all take place.

And from the drummer’s view, I say ‘thank you’ to all of you who think Don resembles Kid Rock enough, present company included, that we can put on an authentic show for a real Kid Rock audience and see that ya’ll are entertained by a guy who really is not Kid Rock.  But he damned sure looks and sounds like him, doesn't he!! 

You make our job worthwhile! See ya soon!! Kid "Rock" on!

And it's not just me!! Check out a case of mistaken identity on social:

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