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Kovid-19 Koncert Series

Welcome to the new normal of entertainment, music and concert outreach by bands across the globe! Just like everyone else, our gig is getting shut down in the name of safety and welfare of others around the world, and while we wish we were out there live, carrying on our tribute to THE man!, we too will just hold up until we are all safe and healthy, and the precautions to remain that way have been lifted. For anyone that would like to check out our work, fun and play during the current quarantine, welcome to our Kovid-19 Koncert Series!!  

Check back in for any new postings, and Please, Please , Please, feel free to leave a tip (any amount is helpful) if you enjoy the content here in our tribute to Kid Rock himself! And we also ask of you to check out fellow brethren in the same boat; from garage bands to the big boys, events and entertainment are taking a hit right now. If you enjoy their work, their creativity, their hours on end to make music happen, show them the love!

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Kid Kentucky is Kid Rock's biggest fan paying homage to the greatest artist out there! Kid Rock had to work like a dawg to get to where he is today and Kid Kentucky is one of the most grateful that he did. Kid Kentucky works as hard as he can as well, to deliver the best Kid Rock tribute experience possible. Between the music, the show, the look, and the songs, Kid Kentucky comes the closest you can get to the real thing. Thank you Kid Rock for such great music to work with!


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