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Kid Kentucky Bio

Kid Kentucky is a Kid Rock lookalike, branded by name, from a Kid Rock fan-site after interacting as a fan himself. The fans of Kid Rock couldn’t believe how much Don Suiters favored the REAL KID ROCK and essentially came up with the name for him (Kid Kentucky) based on his look, and also living in the Kentucky area. 

When Suiters (aka. Kid Kentucky) attends any Kid Rock event and concert as a fan of Kid Rock, many in the audience get excited with tons of picture requests. Suiters was such a big hit as Kid Kentucky for example, that the Tropicana Riverboat asked him to perform, following the Kid Rock concert in Evansville, Indiana. A fan attending the concert subsequently, sent his Kid Kentucky pictures to the 92.5 WBKR radio doppelganger contest.


Experiencing for himself, and knowing that Suiters looked nearly identical to Kid Rock, the radio station jock then contacted Suiters, asking him to join their live broadcast as they interviewed him about his amazing likeness to Kid Rock. The radio host, as well as his associates, stunned by Don’s uncanny resemblance, thereafter, penned an article on Suiters titled Does Kid Rock Live in Kentucky.  The Owensboro radio station piece caught the attention of many, including the Clarksville, TN Police department. No, he wasn’t in trouble – instead, they requested Kid Kentucky to appear in their new Police video challenge for YouTube. The video and article spawned more requests and Don (Kid Kentucky) has since made many video and event appearances, as a Kid Rock impersonator. 

In 2018 Suiters attended a record release party, highlighting an up and coming Nashville recording artist. The record label and promoter soon contacted Kid Kentucky, prompting him to sign with Astarnow Promotions, “The Midwest Entertainment leaders,” specializing in producing and booking National acts such as Jason Aldean, Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson, Hairball, and many more. Kid Kentucky would be their first tribute act, booking  stages across Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana. 

Soon thereafter, an opportunity arose for a movie roll (which was originally intended for Robert Ritchie, the REAL Kid Rock), in a remake of Smokey and the Bandit. Ritchie declined the lead part as Bandit. The Short-film movie Producer found out about Kid Kentucky after he volunteered to help the local Police department in the YouTube lip-sync challenge. The Bandit Never Fades movie Producer Patrick Laughlin contacted Don (Kid Kentucky) for lead part in which he accepted. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t publish due to permits at the time of shooting the film. 

Suiters then decided he would focus on his Kid Kentucky persona and build a band to perform his Kid Rock songs. Kid Kentucky was now a tribute artist playing a role as Kid Rock in a tribute band, taking his Kid Rock tribute show to the next level launching a dedicated website and touring his Kid Rock tribute show to venues such as White House on FireMercury Ballroom, Songbirds South Chattanooga, Rising Star Casino and many other great venues and events around the country.

Kid Kentucky and his American Badass Band are working hard to provide the best Kid Rock tribute show in the Nation, entertaining a growing fan base and growing praise from many Kid Rock audience attendees. Even some official recognition is falling from on high, from real Kid Rock affiliates, crew and band members.  Some of Kid Rock close and personal friends have even commented that Kid Kentucky does a great job, producing honorable and respectable on-stage Kid Rock impersonation with Suiters’ look, mannerism and stage performance. Check out Kid Kentucky and the American Badass Band in a town near you!

"I'm just a huge fan - That's why I do this! Some ask why, and for what, and all this stuff thinking I'm trying to be Kid Rock. Except for putting on a SHOW and trying to emulate my biggest hero in music, I'm not at all trying to be Kid Rock. I AM however, Kid Kentucky because I AM such a big fan of Kid Rock. I have grown up listening to this music and I can't wait to go out and play it every night! This gig is the truest form of a TRIBUTE band because, this is all a TRIBUTE to Mr. Kid Rock himself! His music, his show, his fans. In this day and age of tribute bands out there, for me, it's an awesome way to connect with the music I love to play! Plus, we are just out here helping get more Kid Rock music out there to his fans. They love it as much as I do, so we are here to bring the party, bring the tunes, bring the fun, and we all get to enjoy just a little more Kid Rock in our day! We are all singing these songs together all the time and hopefully, when it's all said and done, people leave and go buy more Kid Rock music! Cuz it's frikn Badass!" - Don

Don Suiters; Fun Facts

"My 16-yr old son just learned how to play Everlong (Foo Fighters) on drums. He and I sit in my music room and play all sorts of music together. He's gonna be good!!"

"I won the 2008 season Championship in late-model stock car racing at Fairview Motorsports track in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I built my own car, drove it and had my own volunteer pit crew at the races. I had to give up the sport due to lack of sponsorship, but then started this crazy music thing instead. Both are very expensive to do at a high level - Jury is still out on which I like best!"

"By day, I'm an engineer at an automotive plant in Nashville TN. My boss is a big Kid Rock fan and totally supports this Kid Kentucky gig. Looking fwd to having him out to see a show with us!"

Kid Kentucky; Fun Facts

"There is nothing more awesome than seeing these fans show up to a Kid Kentucky show, in their Kid Rock shirts! And they are out there singing along to every word, the whole night! Kid Rock fans rock!"

"I went to Nashville to put together the American Badass Band, and have a group of guys that make this super fun and super easy for me to stand there and sing Kid Rock songs! I'm hoping Mr. Ritchie will invite us to join him onstage at his honky-tonk in downtown Nashville, Fingers crossed for someday!"

"It sometimes blows me away how some think I am the real Kid Rock! When I'm out and about, people are asking for pics and it's an amazing feeling that I get to help spread the Badass-ness of Kid Rock. I of course explain, that I'm not him. And some even get pissed at me because they think I'm lying! It's a riot sometimes, but hey, if that helps sell one more Kid Rock download, fine by me!"

"I was raised in Speedway, Indiana; Home of the Indianapolis 500!! "

"My prized possession is my First KIss shirt. While I'm not the real Kid Rock, I do wear the real Kid Rock First Kiss shirt."

"hmmmm...My favorite Kid Rock song??? : The next one in the set!"


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